Carbon Decision Making and Risk Management
A powerful tool to identify and analyse a direct compliance liability
Tata Steel benefited from EU policies, studies show
(The Guardian) - Company has taken more than 700m in free carbon allowances and offsets, according to analysis of emissions trading scheme data.Claims that environmental rules put Port Talbot steelworks, above, at competitive disadvantage are contradicted by figures from ETS analysis by independent consultancies.
French think-tank backs EU ETS reserve price starting at 20 euro
(Carbon Pulse) - France-based think-tank The Shift Project is urging the EU to set a steadily increasing ETS auction reserve price under the MSR starting at 20 euro to help prevent higher price spikes in future. In a position paper published this week, the researchers said this price also reform measure would not contradict with the quantity only approach to the ETS outlined by the European Commission to date. This paper shows that all 2C scenarios converge towards a robust and steadily increasing price on carbon, reaching $140 in 2040,they said. The ETS will not reach that price level on its own, especially since the EU has been increasing fossil fuel subsidies. We therefore recommend reinforcing country and sector-specific measures together with the ETS, in order to generate implicit and explicit carbon prices at a level compatible with EU climate ambitions. The Shift Project has favoured setting an ETS auction reserve price since 2014. The French government earlier this year proposed a similar measure via the MSR as a means of setting a carbon price corridor.
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